Life can be so easy – in Australia and New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand that is… me, the blond one, 1966 with an FBI Agent – which I found out later – in Australia. We still had a good time – well, you name it…

Kai Kreowski is singing in English, but he is, as far as I know, German. 2008 he spoke in Berlin in front of the „Brandenburger Tor“, against the misuse of personal computer-information in the hands of the government.
Kai Kreowski – bright-dark / simple-komplex/ naiv-eggheaded/ emotional-cold/ free-prisoned/ nature-city/ analog-digital – Description: Wikipedia.

Kai Kreowski was born in 1982 in Berlin. He got his first guitar when he was 10 years old and started to write his first own songs. But my reason I like Kai is his song „Life can be so easy“. This, and also because he took a trip in 2008 for six month across Australia and New Zealand, countrys I have been several times. But most of all I like his song
Life can be so easy

Foto of Kai Kreowski from facebook


Über Peter A. Bruns

I am editor, autor, publisher of edition august-verlag. I am also working on the industrial construction side insulation. But my main interest is the publication of books. That sounds real, and is real, at my age, born in 1942, being a fool to blog.
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