Pub With No Beer


Something new stink up under the Cheese-Cover.

I solemn swear, that in this high house you wont find one bottle of beer. (belch)

I am terrible sorry „my Ackermann“, but you hear our little Wulf belch, we have no beer in this Pub – pooh – high house.

Fuck beer, I am Goethe and I drink only wine. A bottle a day please.

What no beer in this house? What bloody dump we are in anyhow? Fuck Goethe, Angela, and Wulf, bring me a bottle of beer or I call my army.

Bloody Wulf, I must get some beer for my american friends, otherways they kick me out of the Bank of Amerikanski. Shit, than I have to deal with Ackermann from the bloody German Bank.

Please, only one beer please, for the US-General. I am doing here my One-Euro-Job for Mr. Henkel.

We are all manager of the year and demand „Freibier“ from the German Reichstag.

This is a public house, short for pub and we are all armchair strategist. So bloody little Wulf, roll out the barrels, or we start a revolution.

Ha, ha, ha Mr. Schmickler. Revolution in Germany? While your folks vote for the FDP? You raise a roar with laughter. The FDP will show you what realy counts.

… thats what counts…


Über Peter A. Bruns

I am editor, autor, publisher of edition august-verlag. I am also working on the industrial construction side insulation. But my main interest is the publication of books. That sounds real, and is real, at my age, born in 1942, being a fool to blog.
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